SAC Launches DC Metro Campaign to Urge US Officials to Save Syrian Children

by admin on November 3rd, 2012 in Press Releases
Washington, DC – On Thursday, November 1st, the Syrian American Council (SAC) launched its Washington, DC Metro campaign, which called on the Obama and Romney campaigns, as well as our federal elected officials, to stand together to save the children of Syria from the brutal regime of Bashar al-Assad. The advertising campaign is an effort to raise awareness about the humanitarian catastrophe inflicted upon the Syrian people after 20 months of a heavy-handed crackdown on pro-democracy protesters in Syria and to urge the US government to act. During the presidential debates between President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney, neither candidate provided substantive policy initiatives to help the Syrian people topple the Assad regime and build a stable democracy. SEE: Presidential debate: Obama and Romney almost word-for-word same on Syria – Washington Post In a statement, SAC Director of Public Relations Feras Alhlou said, “The Syrian people have shown unmatched resilience facing a brutal regime with little to no help. The Assad regime is responsible for killing more than 3000 children and torturing or wounding countless others since the revolution began. Saving the children and the people of Syria should not be a matter of partisan politics. “The Syrian people are calling on the American people who can see past partisan politics to the crux of what makes America a great nation – its free and democratic values. As Americans it is our moral obligation to save the children of Syria and help Syrians build a free and democratic society that guarantees freedom of speech, treats all its citizens equally, and respects the ultimate right to determine who represents them in a democratic government.” In addition to the ad campaign, SAC chapters across the US are coordinating national freeway banner drop days to display banners on busy freeway overpasses during rush-hour times, in an effort to highlight the case of Syria’s children. This effort will also include a social media component to it by using twitter and YouTube for a more interactive campaign. For more information about the ad campaign, visit