‘Brides of Peace’ recently detained by regime forces remain imprisoned

by admin on December 3rd, 2012 in SAC News

Syria’s nonviolent resistance movement gave birth to the nation’s democratic uprising by organizing unprecedented demonstrations attended by tens of thousands of people before the rebellion was forced into armed resistance. Yet, the nonviolent resistance continues to struggle for freedom even as Bashar al-Assad’s violent crackdown rages on. Today, Syria’s brides are the new face of nonviolent resistance.

Dubbed by many as the “Brides of Peace,” four young Syrian women staged a march on November 21, for nonviolence through the middle of Medhat Basha market in Damascus, Syria. The women dressed in bridal gowns and veils and carrying banners that said, “Stop all military operations in Syria. 100% Syrian,” were immediately detained and jailed by Assad’s security forces.

Women all over the world, including Americans, have sent photos of themselves dressed in white gowns holding red and white signs that reflect the message of the “Brides of Peace.”

The “Brides of Peace” remain imprisoned with nothing but the white wedding dresses. One of these brave women has been transferred to the regime’s Palestine Security Branch, notorious for acts of torture. To date there is an 33,324 prisoners of conscience languishing inAssad’s prisons. Of those, 472 are women.