The Clinton Campaign Must Not Avoid Syria

Lessons from the Syrian Opposition’s Aleppo Offensive


Mohammed Ghanem's latest op-ed in the Huffington Post... Read the full article here...

The fallacy of a self-professed prophesy

The fallacy of a self-professed prophesy

 By SAC VP, Sohaib Alagha 


Omar Hossino in L'Express "Pour sauver le cessez-le-feu, il faut bombarder le régime d'Assad"

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Can Military Action Save Syria?

By SAC's Omar Hossino on the Atlantic Council's Syria Blog Source

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Wrestling the Russian Bear

Atlantic Council: Iran Deal Fuels Syria's War by Omar Hossino and Suhayla Sibaai

Omar Hossino and Suhayla Sibaai wrote the following analysis in the Atlantic Council's Syria Source on how the Iran deal fueled Assad and Hezbollah's killing machine and hurt the fight against ISIS.

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'Never Again' Means Defending Syrians From Assad's Slaughter read more:

When Adolf Hitler first sent Jews to die, Europeans and Americans agreed that it was not their problem. Israel may be about to make the same mistake about Assad's killings in Syria.

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Huffington Post: It's the Wrong Time to Talk to Iran and Russia on Syria

President Obama's former Middle East chief is dead wrong on Syria

Government Relations Director Mohammad Ghanem published an op-ed in the Huffington Post to which members of the Syrian Desk at the State Department have already commented

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