SAC Mourns Bassel Khartabil

The Syrian American Council mourns the death of famed Syrian internet activist Bassel Khartabil, who was arrested without charge by the Assad regime in 2012 and tortured for years before being executed in 2015. Khartabil’s death was publicly announced by his wife Noura yesterday, and we extend our most sincere condolences to her.

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The Syrian American Council received with dismay the news that President Trump has ended CIA support to moderate, vetted anti-Assad rebels. While the CIA program was always too weak to tip the scales, it had symbolic importance as a program designed to aid the fight against Assad and concretely helped pro-democracy Free Syrian Army fighters to defend their neighborhoods and families.


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The Syrian American Council applauds Congress for passing strong bipartisan sanctions legislation on Russia and Iran, the two largest backers of the brutal Assad regime, with a veto-proof majority. This legislation would sanction Russian officials and entities for supporting the Assad regime; place terrorism sanctions on the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), which are on the ground in Syria; and subject the lifting of existing sanctions on Russia to Congressional review.

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SAC Sends Well Wishes to Senator McCain

The Syrian American Council sends well wishes to Senator John McCain and his family.

The Senator has always fought for the good of the world and we know he will be a fighter in his personal battle.

He is a true American hero and an honorable leader.



Steve ‘Safai’ Arkawi

SAC Arizona Chapter, President


Trump Must Ensure Transition From Assad

The Syrian American Council (SAC), a Syrian American grassroots organization, calls upon President Trump to ensure a transition in Syria that removes dictator Bashar al-Assad from power, after a series of contradictory remarks by Secretary of State Tillerson on the matter. On Wednesday, a statement by Tillerson on Syrian negotiations made no mention of Assad's departure and only vaguely described "a settlement that charts a way forward." But Tillerson Friday affirmed that "We see no long term role for the Assad family or the Assad regime."

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The Syrian American Council calls for an urgent investigation by Lebanese authorities into the torture and killing of 7 Syrian refugees following raids on refugee camps in Lebanon’s Arsal district. One of the torture victims is known to the SAC as a longtime civilian medical volunteer in the area. The SAC believes that the Lebanese security forces behind the torture of refugees must be removed from service and tried for crimes against humanity.
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OPCW Confirms Use of Nerve Gas in Khan Sheikhun

The Syrian American Council, a grassroots Syrian-American advocacy organization, today expresses its praise for a new report by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) that confirms the use of nerve gas in the Khan Sheikhun Chemical Massacre of April 2017. While the report does not name the culprit, it is our view that dictator Bashar al-Assad’s culpability for this heinous crime is already proven. Both local eyewitnesses and American aircraft radars identified an Assad regime plane dropping a payload at the moment the chemical attack began.

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Senate Passes Iran and Russia Sanctions Bill

The Syrian American Council commends the U.S. Senate for overwhelmingly passing bipartisan sanctions on Russia and Iran, including for their support of the Assad regime, by a vote of 98-2. With your help through advocacy days and call-in campaigns, the Syrian American Council has been working for months to achieve sanctions against Russia and Iran for their crimes in Syria. Today, the Senate did the right thing.


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Ask Your Representatives to Join The Syria Caucus

We would like to thank Congressmen Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) and Brendan Boyle (D-PA) for establishing the Friends of a Free, Democratic, and Stable Syria Caucus, announced on May 25th. Congressmen Kinzinger and Boyle inspire us as they continue to spread awareness and show support for a free Syria.  



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Last Week the Syrian American Council (SAC) and the Turkish Heritage Organization (THO) hosted on the Hill a congressional staffer briefing on US Foreign Policy in Syria: Regional Security and Strategic Challenges. SAC’s Policy and Advocacy Officer, Shlomo Bolts, served on the panel, along with Col. Brian Cook, Director of Theater Strategy at the Department of Strategy, Planning and Operations at the US Army War College, and Michael M. Gunther, THO Advisory Board Member and Professor of Political Science at the Tennessee Technological University. 



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