An Eid gift from Wasfi Massarani

Our team would like to extend our best wishes for a blessed Eid al-Adha to all those observing. May this Eid bring peace for all and comfort for those most vulnerable and fragile across the globe. As you and your family commemorate the day, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude for your continued support of our organization and a free Syria.

As you stay home and safe, please take a moment to listen to a new song by Wasfi Massarani. Massarani is a singer-songwriter who has been dubbed the voice of the Syrian Revolution. He started singing and playing music at the age of 13, and has performed all over the world.

Originally written by Abdul Baset al-Sarout, a courageous voice for freedom in the Syrian Revolution before his death a year ago, the emotional song is written for his mother. In the song, Sarout sings about his worries for his mom being sad if he was ever to become a martyr. Originally a footballer, Sarout became a leader in the revolution, leading people in movements, chants, songs of freedom, and peaceful protests against the Assad regime. 

Sarout’s friend, and fellow Syrian from Homs, Massarani produced the song with Sarout’s mother using a recording by Sarout. Listen to the call and response as Sarout sings and Sarout’s mom answers. Sarout will be remembered as a symbol of the revolution and of human dignity, and his memory will continue to unite and inspire people in a commitment to see the Syrian revolution through.

Mural of Abdul Baset al-Sarout by artists Aziz Al-Asmar and Abu Saleh Hamdoun with photo credit to Fared Alhor.