CDS and ARCS Condemns Russian Attack on SAMS Hospitals

Washington D.C. The Coalition for a Democratic Syria (CDS) condemns Russia for killing at least 13 people including two medical staff on October 21st when Russian warplanes directly targeted a field hospital in Sarmin, Syria operated by the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS).

CDS rejects the lies and propaganda made by the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation which has accused SAMS of not even being real doctors and of fabricating evidence of the Assad regime's war crimes. Everyone is fair game, including doctors and their sick and helpless patients, when the Assad regime and their Russian partners deem them to be terrorists. 
CDS urges the the United States to stop the Russian targeting of medical facilities and civilians in Syria and calls upon all of the U.N. Security Council members to hold all perpetrators accountable and halt airstrikes against civilians in Syria immediately.
"The Syrian American Medical Society is the pride of every Syrian American" said Mirna Barq, President of the Syrian American Council. " Russia claims that it is fighting ISIS when instead it is murdering civilians and destroying their hospitals" she added.