Enact a No-Fly-Zone in Syria to Protect Civilians

The civilian death toll in Syria surpasses the combined death tolls of Bosnia, Kosovo, Burma, and the Palestinian conflict from 1980 until now. Just last week 80 Syrian civilians were massacred during an Assad regime air strike on the Damascus suburb of Douma. Thirty-five children were among the dead, and an additional 325 people were injured. A marketplace was deliberately targeted during rush hour so as to maximize civilian casualties. 

Assad's barrel bombs are the top killer of innocent civilians in Syria. If the United States had acted to enforce a no-fly-zone, these children along with thousands of Syrians would be still with us. How many more Syrians have to be murdered until the United States, and the international community upholds its obligation to protect Syrian civilians, who are being regularly tortured, starved, raped, and killed?  You can do more to take action to push Congress to support American and international intervention to end the suffering in Syria through a no fly zone" to protect of civilians from the Assad regime's war crimes.

It only takes one minute on this page to tell your local member of Congress to make statements and floor speeches supporting a no-fly-zone. The letter was drafted for your convenience and will be sent directly to your representatives.