Hundreds of Attacks Carried Out in Week-long Escalation in Northwest Syria

Hundreds of Attacks Carried Out in Week-long Escalation in Northwest Syria

Syrian American Council calls for a no-fly zone, increased humanitarian aid, and funding to strengthen civil society amidst intensified bombing

WASHINGTON D.C., NOVEMBER 8, 2019 – Russia and the Assad regime have increased the intensity of attacks in northwest Syria over the past week, bombing dozens of towns in Idlib, Aleppo, and Hama, carrying out a total of 162 attacks from October 30 – November 6, as documented by the Syrian Network for Human Rights. These attacks targeted medical centers, first responders, bakeries, schools, and civilian homes, constituting war crimes and crimes against humanity. On Tuesday, a Russian airstrike on a home in Dar al-Kabira village, Idlib, killed three young siblings – Israa, Baraa, and Hakem – and injured their mother.

As the bombs rain down, brave protestors in Idlib are still in the streets, reminding the world that they exist and that their voices deserve to be heard.

“As civilians in northwest Syria endure heightened attacks simply for demanding their freedom, the international community has remained silent in the face of these fresh atrocities. The Assad regime and its allies are intensifying their crimes because they have grown accustomed to indiscriminate murdering with impunity,” said Dr. Zaki Lababidi, president of the Syrian American Council. “How long must we allow the establishment to make decisions on who lives and who doesn’t? The killing must stop immediately.”

The escalation has come since the October 30 start of the Constitutional Committee process in Geneva, a sign of Assad and Russia’s bad faith and contempt for international processes.

The Syrian American Council demands an immediate end to the bombing of northwest Syria and calls for the following:

  • The U.S. government must work with international partners to enforce a no-fly-zone in northern Syria to stop the bombing.
  • All relevant members of the international community, including non-governmental organizations and U.N. agencies, should boost their emergency humanitarian response in northwest Syria to ensure that people have access to hospitals, schools, and markets.
  • Funding should be put toward strengthening civil society actors in their fight against extremism on the ground through things like legal and media initiatives.

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