In Solidarity with the People of Lebanon

Our community is heartbroken by the tragedy that took place in Beirut, Lebanon last week, and our hearts are with the people as they try to recover from physical and emotional wounds. Our team has been uplifted by the outpouring of support from our Syrian communities for their Lebanese neighbors. 

Below, we share with you the ways you can help. But first, take a look at how some have chosen to show support. In the header of our email, Aziz Asmar, an artist from Idlib, paints an ode to the people of Beirut through a solidarity mural.

In another form of an ode, Zafer Saleh Sadaqah wrote "God’s Peace to You, Beirut" a prayer from the people of Syria to the people of Beirut. The song, sung by Samir Aktaa, through a haunting melody, details how the hearts of the people of Syria are with those in Lebanon. Take a listen and take a stand with the people of Lebanon. Our road to freedom is one and the same.

After you listen, please consider exploring the following resources and donating to help the people of Beirut recover:

  • The Syrian American Medical Society is raising funds to provide medical supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE) to responders and emergency kits for those who have lost their homes. 
  • Sawa for Development and Aid started a fundraiser for families whose houses got severely damaged by the explosion and to help accommodate temporary shelters for them until renovation happens. 
  • The Lebanese food bank is providing food and milk and diapers for babies.
  • The Lebanese Red Cross is providing support on the ground.
  • The Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon Rescue Fund is raising money to help the center which was severely damaged in the blast.
  • INARA is raising money to support their deployment of paramedics, nurses, and volunteers to Beirut to provide first aid and evacuate the areas affected by the blast.
  • MedGlobal is raising funds to provide medicine, medical supplies, and food.
  • Embrace is fundraising to launch a free mental health clinic to provide psychological support to those who are suffering from grief and trauma following the explosion.
  • Impact Lebanon launched a fundraiser to fund NGOs that are providing disaster relief. 
  • Finally, here is a comprehensive list of local NGOs that are working on delivering services and items to those who need it.