Obama's Legacy: Aleppo Massacres

SAC Holds the Obama Administration 
Responsible for Aleppo Massacres


Aleppo is on the verge of a massive massacre at the hands of invading Iranian-backed ground force sectarian militias and Assad forces and Russian air forces.

The Obama administration failed policy of appeasement exasperated the tragedy of the Syrian people. In the words of Syrian former Prime Minister Riad Hijab, head of the Higher Negotiation Commission of the Syrian Opposition, 'history will never forgive Obama for his refusal to intervene and stop the crimes against the Syrian people'.

Some 150,000 civilians are under a dangerous siege today.  They are crammed into 2 small districts and awaiting a possible massacre after a pro-regime military coalition dominated by Iran-backed foreign fighters and Russian warplanes made rapid gains against rebels in east Aleppo over the past two weeks. 


Civilians who survived the indiscriminate mass killings by Assad and Iranian mercenaries are now herded to torture chambers and forced conscription.

  • Mass executions have been reported in multiple areas that the regime seized. Whole families with last names associated with opposition were killed.
  • Mass arrests and forced conscriptions have been reported in multiple areas. Just in the first area seized by regime two weeks ago (Masaken Hanano), 500 young men were detained and disappeared. New photos of dozens of young men detained en masse appeared today.
  • Activists and aid workers are sending out "final messages" to the world as pro-regime forces approach their areas, then disappearing as regime forces invade. Their fate is unknown but if captured by the regime they are quite likely to be tortured to death.

"As the custodian of the seat of the most powerful leader of the free world, President Obama must do something, indifference is acquiescence to the crimes" said Mirna Barq, President of the Syrian American Council.

The Syrian American Council calls upon:

  • President Obama to mobilize concerted diplomatic pressure that will prevent large-scale slaughter and allow for all Aleppo residents to be safely evacuated.
  • Congress to urgently issue statements demanding the safe evacuation of Aleppo residents and promising new sanctions if the 150,000 remaining residents are not safely evacuated
  • President-Elect Trump to speak publicly on Aleppo and condemn the killings. He has in the past described the situation in Aleppo as a "Holocaust" and a "catastrophe."

A press conference regarding Aleppo with the Syrian American community and its allies will be held on Wednesday at 2pm eastern in front of the Russian Embassy in Washington D.C.