Rescue Syrian Refugees- Donate Here

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 Now more than ever we need your support

Help SAC continue its work to help alleviate refugee suffering:

·       Educating the U.S. government and public on the root cause of the mass exodus to Europe: the Assad regime. 

·       Advocating for stopping the killing NOW through the establishment of a no fly zone in Syria.

·       Advocating for more refugees to come to the U.S.

·       Working to prepare the community for media interviews and meetings with elected officials.

·       Fielding public inquiries about refugees and directing them to Syrian American humanitarian organizations and other agencies.

·       Partnering with refugee resettlement agencies to educate and prepare communities to welcome and sustain refugees.

·       Speaking with refugees and asylum seekers directly through the SAC Hotline to connect them to community resources.


Current Action Plan

Use this opportunity to educate the media and policymakers about the need for a no-fly zone in Syria to stop the refugee crisis through the following steps:

1.    Connecting the media with Syrian refugees in the U.S. who explain the need for a no-fly zone.

2.    Collaborating with other organizations to send a letter to the White House, and Congress, regarding the need to resettle more Syrian refugees. 

3.    Organizing multiple briefings in Congress to emphasize the role of the Assad regime in the current refugee crisis.

4.     Meeting with influential Hill offices to send the message that a no-fly zone is key to solving the refugee crisis.

5.    Grassroots campaign to email congressional representatives advocating for safe zones in Syria.