The Syrian American Council calls for an urgent investigation by Lebanese authorities into the torture and killing of 7 Syrian refugees following raids on refugee camps in Lebanon’s Arsal district. One of the torture victims is known to the SAC as a longtime civilian medical volunteer in the area. The SAC believes that the Lebanese security forces behind the torture of refugees must be removed from service and tried for crimes against humanity.
While Lebanese security officials have sought to pass off the raids as a manhunt for terrorists, on-the-ground reports indicate that hundreds of refugees were arrested and that many were abused as they were detained. Graphic video from Arsal yesterday showed corpses released from Lebanese custody with clear signs of torture, including gunshot wounds. Lebanese authorities claim that the deaths of some Syrian refugee deaths in custody stemmed from “health problems.”

SEE VIDEO: Corpses of tortured refugees returned to Arsal. (GRAPHIC)
“The international community should not permit Lebanese security forces to run roughshod over international law and address its Syrian refugee ‘problem’ through brutal attacks,” said Dr. Zaki Lababidi, Vice President of the Syrian American Council. “If the Lebanese government proves unable or unwilling to hold the perpetrators responsible, then the United States, European Union, and United Nations should step in to demand answers from Lebanese authorities.