A coalition of Syrian American organizations and interfaith institutions including the Syrian American Council, the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, Syrian American Medical Society, Syria Relief and Development, and others will hold a press conference this Friday, December 18th at 10:30AM outside of the The Palace Hotel 455 Madison Ave New York, NY 10022 in New York City. 

The conference will condemn Russian attacks on Syrian civilians and will feature two Syrian chemical attacks and siege survivors: 
Aram al-Doumani -- A media activist and founder of the Syria Press Agency from the East Ghouta suburbs of Damascus. He was a medical team member, victim, and eyewitness during the August 2013 Sarin gas attacks and lost half of his body weight in the ensuing regime siege of his area. Mr. Doumani left Syria only three months ago after facing numerous assassination attempts.
 Kassam Al-Haj Eid -- Former head media spokesman for the Moadamiya suburb of Damascus. Miraculously survived the 2013 Sarin attacks after his heart stopped and he was left for dead. His hunger strike to protest the siege on his town earned support from prominent professors, religious leaders, and Congress members. He escaped to the U.S. after outwitting top regime security officials. 
Both survivors will be available for interviews immediately after the press conference.
A rally that condemns Russian atrocities, calls for the U.N. to protect civilians under the Responsibility to Protect doctrine, will also follow at 2:00 PM outside of the United Nations building at 405 East 42nd Street.