Today, I'm inspired!

A Message from the President of the 
Syrian American Council

Dear SAC Members and Friends,
This morning I'm inspired because I, a Syrian-American, along with my family and friends, have the opportunity to go to the polling stations today, to stand among my fellow Americans, and to vote!
The 2016 elections have been tumultuous ones.  But at the end of the day, when I step back and recall what we are setting out to do, I can only be thankful that my vote today will be a testament of one of the greatest virtues of being a free American.  And no matter how divided we Americans might be on foreign and domestic issues, or even cultural and religious issues,  in the end, as our Founding Fathers intended, we stand united with liberty and justice for all.

I cannot deny that my heart does ache for my friends and family back in Syria, and frankly in many other countries that do not have this exciting chance that I do today. When I check my ballot box today I will be thinking of the many Syrians who do not have the means to have their voices heard.  They, instead of shaping their future, have their lives dictated to them by dictators.

But that is perhaps exactly why I am determined to get out and to make my voice heard today.  When I cast my vote I am sending a message loud and clear as a Syrian-American.  As an active citizen of the United States of America, by voting, I am vowing to improve domestic conditions here on my American soil, and I am renewing my promise to help amplify the voices of Syrian Americans to bring the chance to every Syrian to vote in a fair and democratic election.  
So I urge you all, from the depth of my heart, to go out and exercise your right to vote.  When we vote, we get to be part of this very fabric of America, but more importantly, we become the example of what a free and democratic country looks like!
Mirna Barq
President, Syrian American Council