What You Can Do To Help Syria, Now!

SAC is urging all people of conscience and supporters of freedom in Syria to ACT NOW to help stop the slaughter of the Syrian people by the forces of Bashar al-Assad. If enough people take these actions, we can have a tremendous impact to stop the killing of innocent Syrians by their repressive government.



    • Contact the White House and your representative in Congress by phone/email or ask for a meeting and urge them to:

      • (1) significantly increase the supply of key defensive arms – including anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons – to carefully vetted elements of the Free Syrian Army; and

      • (2) fund efforts by local governance councils operating in liberated areas to provide basic services to the people, create democratic institutions, and enhance the rule of law.

    • Click here for tips on how to schedule a meeting and here for a sample letter to request a meeting.


    • Start a local SAC chapter.

    • Join or organize a rally and generate awareness.

    • Plan a local fundraiser for Syria.

    • Organize a flash mob such as the one in this video to raise awareness.