A Blessed Easter

At Zaytoun Church is where I long to be today, in my beloved Damascus, Syria — 

I love it not only because it was where my parents were married and where I was baptized but because of all the special moments that took place there. I recall the candles flickering outside the church on Palm Sunday. I remember everyone dressed in their holiday best, walking in a procession as worshipers carried an icon of Jesus and the cross. And most precious are Easter Sunday mornings when my parents gifted decorated eggs and holiday chocolates to our Muslim neighbors and their families. How I long for these days of family, friends, and worship in the town where I grew up.

I know that I will one day, when I'm safely allowed back into Syria, take my daughters there to visit my church and to tell them the stories of my youth and the stories of where I grew up.

For now, I can only pray from here at home and hope that peace returns to the good Syrian people awaiting freedom.

I know in my heart that day will come. The regime will fall and I will step onto the earth of Syria and pray in Zaytoun church once again. It is for this that I appreciate my faith, it is for this that I wish you a blessed Easter.

Mirna Barq
SAC President