Deadly Terrorist Bombing in Afrin, Syria Highlights Local Corruption and Instability

Deadly Terrorist Bombing in Afrin, Syria Highlights Local Corruption and Instability 

Syrian American Council calls for immediate reforms among opposition factions in northeast Syria  

WASHINGTON D.C., May 2, 2020 – On Tuesday, April 28, nearly 50 civilians were killed in a terrorist attack in the city of Afrin, Syria. A truck bomb targeted a market area full of families buying food to break their Ramadan fast. Nearly a dozen children were among the victims. 

Every attack against civilians in Syria is an intolerable crime, but this incident – coming at a moment of collective global crisis – stands out for its cruelty and callousness. The Syrian American Council strongly condemns those responsible for this horrific act of terrorism and expresses sympathy for the families impacted by this violence. 

The attack highlights the area’s poor security and ongoing instability. The international community must immediately work with the opposition to investigate this terrorist attack and hold the perpetrators and accomplices accountable. To prevent further attacks, governments supporting a free Syria must also urgently act with the opposition to increase security in the region; eliminate corruption in the security forces; strengthen security at check points via technology and personnel; and establish a police force, independent from the military, answerable to civilian authorities. 

The origination of this type of terrorism in Syria is a direct result of continued attacks against civilians by Bashar Assad and his allies, creating an environment of chaos that has allowed extremism to thrive. The Syrian American Council continues to advocate for a free and democratic Syria without Assad.

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