A National Coalition of Organizations Urges International Action to Protect Civilians in Daraa

A National Coalition of Organizations Urges International Action to Protect Civilians in Daraa

The attacks on the birthplace of the revolution should be met with international condemnation and action towards a political transition.

WASHINGTON D.C., July 30, 2021 –  The undersigned organizations mourn the victims of the latest Assad regime and Iranian militias offense on civilians in Daraa in southwestern Syria on the border with Jordan. Since late June, Syrian forces have besieged the civilians of Daraa, in violation of the reconciliation agreement brokered by Russia in 2018. The humanitarian organization the White Helmets reported that 18 civilians were massacred in Alyadouda town just today. The undersigned organizations demand that Russia and its client state abide by the agreement and that the United States lead an international effort to prevent the regime and its backers from slaughtering more civilians.

As a result of the current siege, a crime against humanity, the 55,000 residents have been left without food, medicine, and basic necessities. Further, civilians fleeing on foot are being targeted by snipers on rooftops, neighborhoods are being shelled and bombed, and the Assad regime has sent tanks into civilian areas to kill and subdue the population there. 

Daraa became known as the cradle of the Syrian pro-democracy movement in 2011 after protests against the regime broke out. The people of Daraa have continued to resist the regime’s tyranny and mass slaughter and re-ignite the movement  over the last ten years through non-violent protests that have called for justice from the oppression and brutality of the Assad regime. 

The members of the undersigned organizations urge the Biden administration, U.S. Congress, and the international community to mount a strong and forceful response to the imminent threat in Daraa before another large-scale massacre leading to displacement is committed. President Biden and the world must uphold its promise to prevent genocide and bring accountability to the perpetrators of war crimes in Syria. Failing to do so normalizes these crimes and further encourages and emboldens other regimes and governments to kill and oppress civilians globally.  

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Suzanne Meriden
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Organizations signing on to this statement include:
Americans for a Free Syria
Citizens for a Secure and Safe America
Civilian Council for American Security
Free Syria PAC
Kayla’s List PAC
Pro-Justice Initiative
Syria Faith Initiative
Syrian American Council
Syrian Christians for Peace in USA
Syrian Emergency Task Force
Syrian Forum USA
Syrian Institute for Progress