Daraa, Syria at Risk for Large Scale Attack by Regime Forces

Daraa, Syria at Risk for Large Scale Attack by Regime Forces

The Assad regime and its backers gather in the countryside as the citizens of Daraa are once again rising up, continuing their fight for freedom and justice

WASHINGTON D.C., May 22, 2020 – The residents of Daraa, a city in southwestern Syria, have taken to the streets peacefully, once again standing up in demanding basic freedoms, and have been met with violent force from the Syrian regime and Iranian militias, who are poised for a full-scale attack. The members of the Syrian American Council call on the U.S. government and nations who support a free and democratic Syria to demand a stop to the lethal acts of violence by the Assad regime and its backers.

The latest news from Daraa reports that the regime army and its Iranian militias are gathering in the west Daraa countryside, standing ready to advance upon the civilian population. Locals fear a full-scale military onslaught is imminent. The members of the Syrian American Council condemn the violence and urge immediate international action to prevent a military campaign against the civilians.

“The people of Daraa exemplify the true spirit of the revolution, staying true to the values of bravery, courage, and freedom. They continue to rise up against the regime, despite the threat of imprisonment and death,” said Darren Fenwick, vice president of the Syrian American Council. “Peaceful dissent should never be met with force. That is why I am proud to announce I am spearheading an effort by the Syrian American Council to draw attention to the brave people of Daraa, and the threats they face. We will be launching a series of events, including a virtual rally to mobilize advocates across the globe to call for action. Our committee includes voices from the U.S. and abroad, including Ireland and Germany. I was heartened to see the strong participation in the virtual rally. This should be a sign to policymakers that the people of the world have their eyes on the people of Daraa.”

Daraa became known as the cradle of the Syrian revolution in 2011, after protests against the regime broke out. The people of Daraa have continued to resist the regime and re-ignite the Syrian revolution over the last nine years through non-violent protests that have called for justice from the oppression and brutality of the Assad regime. 

The members of the Syrian American Council urge the Trump administration, U.S. Congress, and the international community to call attention to the imminent threat in Daraa, and to work to prevent mass civilian casualties and further widespread displacement in a thoughtful and coordinated manner to guarantee the rights of all civilians are protected.


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