Position Paper: Syrian American Council Rejects Sochi Congress



(Washington, DC | December 27, 2017) The Syrian American Council (SAC) iterates its utter rejection of the upcoming Russian-organized Sochi Congress, intended to bypass the UN-based Geneva talks and to allow Assad to continue governing over Syria with absolute impunity.

In a position paper published today, SAC outlines Russia's intent behind Sochi as a means by which to cement Assad in the presidency, makes the case for why elections and a new constitution are insufficient to achieve transitional justice in Syria, and explains why Russia and Iran cannot be expected to serve as neutral arbiters.

"The Syrian people refuse to partake in a process that, at its core, is meant to deprive them of their voice and erase the demands first made by peaceful protesters in 2011, for the butcher of Syria to step down.” says Zaki Lababidi, Vice-President of SAC. "To take the issue of Assad's departure entirely off the negotiating table is one of the clearest indicators that the Sochi Congress-held on a hostile land belonging to a power that has empowered the Assad regime to continue its crimes-- does not constitute a fair and equitable political transition tool."

To read SAC's position paper on the Sochi Congress, please click here.