Refugee Crisis Q&A


Refugee Questions from the Public


Q: How can we get more refugees to the U.S.?

A: Petition to make all #RefugeesWelcome and join us and the IRC in asking elected officials to offer a safe haven and a new start to Syrian families and other refugees fleeing war and persecution at home. The recent U.S. commitment to accept between 5,000 and 8,000 Syrian refugees is only a first step toward alleviating the suffering of Syrian civilians; you can join the IRC’s call to for the United States government to resettle 65,000 Syrian refugees before the end of 2016. I invite you to review our blog post on the refugee response and learn more about what must be done.

- Volunteer: the IRC has 25 offices across the United States that help welcome nearly 10,000 refugees each year to rebuild their lives in the United States. Volunteers play an integral role in our work to restore safety, dignity and hope to people whose lives have been uprooted by war. Take a look on our website at the many volunteer opportunities and connect with an IRC office closest to you.

Donate: The work of the IRC is only possible through the generosity of people like you. Your gift helps the IRC respond immediately and effectively to the worst crises. You may direct your gift to an office closest to you to support refugees coming in to your community, to our emergencies fund, or you may give to where it is most needed and allow the IRC to direct how your gift will be used. You may also start a fundraising campaign and encourage friends and family to get involved.


Q: How can I house refugees in my home?

A: If referring to Unaccompanied Minors, a family must become licensed as foster parents through your State.  That process generally takes anywhere from 6-12 months. AT that point, it would be determined what children would be appropriate to be placed in a home.  Our Unaccompanied Minor Program works with families on moving through the licensing process and then provides all support to the Foster Home while children are in their care. 


Q: How can I adopt a child refugee?

A: Most refugee children do not necessarily become available for adoption.  Most refugee children are placed in foster homes and then move on to independent living when they turn 18. 


Q: How can I be a foster parent for a child refugee in Jordan, Turkey, or Lebanon?

A: Please see information above regarding becoming a foster parent.  The Catholic Charities’ Unaccompanied Minor Program works with children from all over the world. Please contact them on 602-530-5519 for more information.


Refugee Resources


International Rescue Committee (IRC) offices


Access California


Syria Community Network

Facebook Page


*For additional areas please contact SAC


Other Questions


Q: Where can we find refugees to interview?

A: Please contact SAC national office to be connected


Q: Where did this refugee problem stem from?

A: Overview of the Syrian Revolution 


Q: Isn’t there concern that allowing refugees into the U.S. would result in security issues?

A: There is a vetted system that allows refugees into the U.S. We have to remember these are regular civilians running away from the Assad regime. 


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