SAC Letter to Congress- Russian Aggression in Syria

SAC emailed the following all top high-ranking officials from Susan Rice and White House Officials to State, DOD, and NSC, the think tank community and media including BBC, CNN, The Washington Post, and NPR, and 535 members of congress informing them and detailing Russia's strikes on Syria today with evidence and that Putin went after FSA not ISIS:

Dear Colleagues

U.S. officials confirmed to the New York Times that Russian warplanes on Sept. 30 carried out airstrikes

against targets around the city of Homs. This came just hours after the Russian parliament unanimously approved an authorization for the use of force in Syria.  Members of parliament were told military action was necessary to assist the Assad's regime against the Islamic State, this is not what has happened.          

The airstrikes around Homs also included areas near Hama, all of which targeted positions held by a U.S.-backed Free Syrian Army group and NOT the Islamic State.  Major Raed al-Saleh, commander of Tajamu al-Izza, an FSA group, issued a statement confirming that Russian jets struck their base near Hama.  He provided video documenting the attack, commenting that the bombing raids were more powerful than previous air attacks carried out by regime forces.

Video was released of the airstrikes that struck Talbisah, 10 kilometers outside of Homs, which killed 17 people.  


Additional videos from the airstrike strike on Talibisah:


The airstrikes around Homs and Hama killed 30 people

including 3 kids and one Civil Defense rescue worker,

in the following towns. :  

Ghantou: 1

Talbisah: 17

Zaafaranah: 11

Rastan: 6

Makramiah: 1