Response to Russian Aggression

The situation in Syria has reached a new level of political upheaval due to Russia's aggression. Our response actually started a couple of weeks ago when we were on the Hill discussing with several congressional offices our concern that Russia was setting-up air bases inside Syria.  The White House was divided and unfortunately, as has now become common, did not react. 
Our reaction in Washington has been summarized for your convenience.  We have also included some tips for our grassroots efforts. (Warning, graphic pictures are included below)
In addition to what you will see on the pages below, we have
  • Prepared for a White House meetings and an advocacy day on the Hill with SAC leadership.  
  • We are in communication with SAMS leadership for support on talking points when they hold their symposium in DC next week and for an additional protest the weekend of October 9th.
  • The GR team has had several White House meetings already and working on more.
  • More Media appearances to come.