Lawmakers Demand Accountability for Assad’s Crimes in Syria

Today, Congress took a historic legislative step, demanding changes in U.S.-Syria policy not seen in years. On February 14th, the House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed the Assad Regime Anti-Normalization Act (H.R. 3202) 389 to 32, aimed at holding the genocidal dictator Bashar al-Assad accountable for the countless heinous atrocities perpetrated by his regime against defenseless civilians since the start of peaceful demonstrations in Syria in 2011. This legislation represents a seminal moment, with lawmakers from across the political spectrum reaffirming Congress's pivotal role in shaping a new U.S. policy towards Syria. It stands as a great victory for the Syrian American community and their allies in the human rights movement.

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مشروع قانون مناهضة التطبيع مع نظام الأسد

Clashes erupt in Deir Ezzor

In Deir Ezzor, clashes have erupted between local Arab communities and the People’s Defense Unit (YPG), the group dominating governance and military institutions in NE Syria, due to long-standing grievances against the YPG, including exclusionary policy-making, abusive practices, civilian arrests, lack of protection against ISIS, and economic neglect, all conducted by the YPG. 

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August 2023 Al-Suwayda Protests

As the Syrian people’s endeavor for freedom and dignity continues, their hopes for freedom and a better country for themselves and their children continue to be high. On August 17, protests re-erupted in southern Syria over frustration with rising fuel and food prices, and quickly grew into a popular movement against the long-lived grievances committed by the Assad regime.

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The Captagon Threat: A Profile of Illicit Trade, Consumption, and Regional Realities

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