Syrian American Council Urges Trump to Reconsider Withdrawal from Syria


WASHINGTON D.C., December 19, 2018 – The Syrian American Council urges President Trump to reconsider his decision to rapidly withdraw troops from Syria. A withdrawal of this type and at this time would constitute a victory for Iran, ISIS, and the Assad regime and its Russian ally.


Experts have iterated repeatedly that a vacuum in northern Syria leaves room for terrorist, extremist, and authoritarian influence, and that ISIS has not been defeated. ISIS’s influence extends beyond territorial control and includes a wide network of sleeper cells that have shown signs of expansion in recent months. A rapid withdrawal may also push the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), the main U.S. partner in Syria, to ally with the Assad regime and Iran, contributing to greater Iranian influence and detrimental effects in the region.


President Trump has previously denounced his predecessor for an overly hands-off approach to the Syrian war and for his precipitous withdrawal from Iraq, both of which helped contribute to the rise of ISIS and supercharged Iranian regional influence. We urge the President not to repeat the same mistake.



Media Contact:

Michelle R. Taylor

[email protected]