Aleppo's Children Cry Out to Presidential Candidates

Tonight the presidential candidates will face off in the final debate of the U.S. elections 2016 as Russia and Assad continue their dibilitating bombardment of Aleppo, Syria. 

On this occasion, the Huffington Post asked the children of Aleppo if they could pose one question to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump tonight, what would that question be? 
Take a look at this gut-wrenching video and see what the children had to say.
We hope that the candidates take a listen and address these important questions during tonight's debate. The Syrian American Council will live tweet discussion and commentary about Syria during the debate. You can follow us under the handle @sa_council and the hashtag #DebateSyria. We thank the Huffington Post for their collaboration with the Syrian American Council on this project.
To further advocate on behalf of Syria's children, we ask that you take the time to register to vote.  Voter registration deadlines have passed in some states, but you still may be able to register to vote in your state. Check deadlines here.
The Syrian American Council has made it easy for you to register through this link.
Remember, voting is a constitutional right.  Exercise your right and help us bring freedom and democracy to all of Syria's children.