Ask Your Congressman to Sign a Letter on Iran's Negative Role in Syria

Iran continues its negative role in Syria, supporting the Assad regime and Hezbollah in their continued onslaught against the Syrian people.  Most recently, Iran is backing Assad and Hezbollah in its siege of Madaya where over 40,000 civilians are being starved to death. 

UN Envoy to Syria Steffan de Mistura estimates that Iran spends $6 billion a year to prop up the Assad regime. 

Please contact your Representative and request them to sign a draft letter from Rep. Robert Pittenger, R-NC that expresses that U.S. policy will align with Iran as a consequence of the 2015 nuclear agreement.  This letter pushes the Obama administration not to abandon Middle Eastern allies in favor of Iran, and condemns Iran for supporting terrorist groups and the oppressive Assad regime.

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