CALL-IN DAY FOR SYRIA: Tell the House to Sanction Russia and Iran

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On July 12, 2017, the Syrian American Council (SAC) was honored to partner with fifteen other organizations on a letter to Congress (attached below) stating our unequivocal support for sanctions on Iran and Russia. A joint Russia-Iran sanctions bill that in part focused on each country's war crimes in Syria passed the Senate 97-2 last month.

The bill next needs to pass the House of Representatives, but opponents are working hard to stall the bill despite its wide bipartisan supportYour representative needs to hear from you now that the bill should quickly get a vote!

SAC also held a joint call-in day earlier this week with these 15 organizations in support of sanctions on Russia and Iran for their regional aggressions and crimes against humanity. The joint call-in campaign was in honor of the birthday of Oleh Sentsov, a Ukrainian from Crimea who is currently being jailed by the Putin regime for opposing the annexation of his homeland. There will be a second joint national call-in day next Tuesday on July 18th, with all 15 organizations.
Join us as we present a united voice against Russian war crimes around the world, whether in Syria or beyond. Use the link below to receive the phone number of your representative and talking points to assist you with the call.
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