ACTION ALERT: Stop Assad’s Attacks Against Syrian Civilians in Idlib

Act Now!

Reports have surfaced that the Assad regime has carried out airstrikes with the use of incendiary weapons against civilians in Idlib Province – a direct violation of international law. While the EU global conference takes place in Brussels, these blatant attacks are some of the most deadly against Idlib, and are in direct defiance of the ceasefire deal brokered between Turkey and Russia in September 2018.


Call on your members of Congress to denounce the Assad regime's use of barbaric weapons against the Syrian people and to call on the United States to hold Bashar al-Assad and his backers in this effort accountable. Tell your congressperson they must let the world know that America is watching and will not stand aside as Assad once again commits war crimes and crimes against humanity toward innocent children, women, and men.


Take action now. Please contact your members of Congress today.