President Donald Trump and the Iran nuclear agreement

President Donald Trump today will announce whether or not he will recertify the Iran nuclear agreement. President Trump is also considering designating the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organization.

Iran has doubled down in its support of the Assad regime following the nuclear agreement. This has included sending daily flights of arms and Hezbollah terrorists to Syria to support the regime's brutal massacres of the Syrian people through Iran Air, an entity that was delisted for sanctions under the agreement. Despite the tough rhetoric on Iran, President Trump has failed to push back against Iran in Syria, which has allowed IRGC-backed militias to expand rapidly in eastern Syria, creating a land bridge from Beirut to Tehran. The IRGC has deployed tens of thousands of militias to Syria which have been involved in murdering Syrian civilians, creating terrorist bases threatening the region, and bolstering the brutal Assad regime.

According to the International Committee for the Red Cross, September was the bloodiest month on record in Syria since the battle for Aleppo last year. If any strategy to pushback Iran's regional meddling and aggression in the region is serious, it must also include a strategy for removing the Assad regime, Iran's main proxy in the region.

Act NOW to tell President Trump to decertify the Iran deal and enact new sanctions on Iran's support of the Assad regime. Ask the White House to place the IRGC on the terrorist list and push to include removing Iran from Syria, and removing the Assad regime from power, as part of any anti-Iran strategy. Contact the White House and let your voice be heard through the link below.

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