#SaveGhouta - Petition the White House


Petition the White House



Assad's extermination campaign against the civilians of Eastern Ghouta continues.


Despite a Saturday UNSC resolution calling for a ceasefire, civilians continue to be targeted. Since the ceasefire was declared, at least 107 civilians have been killed, among them 34 children. On Sunday, the Assad regime used chlorine gas against the people of Eastern Ghouta. Russia and Iran continue to support the regime and plan to assist in a brutal ground offensive.


We must ACT to #SaveGhouta NOW.

Syrian-American organizations are calling for

a Week of Action to #SaveGhouta

What can you do today?


  • Sign a petition to the White House asking for immediate action to save the civilians of Eastern Ghouta


Take action NOW. Stop the extermination of

Eastern Ghouta's civilians.




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This Week of Action is brought to you by Americans for a Free Syria, the American Relief Coalition for Syria, the Syrian American Council, the Syrian Forum and Syria Emergency Task Force