Social Media Toolkit

Rise4Suwayda Social Media Toolkit

Introducing the #Rise4Suwayda Campaign:

This week, we are thrilled to launch the #Rise4Suwayda campaign, a multifaceted effort to amplify the voices of the Suwayda protestors and support their quest for a brighter future in Syria. Our campaign will include grassroots activities, strategic communications, and government relations efforts to make a meaningful impact.

Our Ask:

Grassroots Mobilization:

On October 10th, please share a picture of yourself holding a sign in support of the protestors in Suwayda. The message should echo the demands of the people of Suwayda or a message of solidarity. Suggested content is linked below. 

  1. Write a simple message on a piece of paper. The message can be echoing the demands of the people of Suwayda or a message of solidarity. 
  2. Take a picture of yourself holding the sign. 
  3. Post your picture with the hashtags #Rise4Suwayda and #TheRevolutionContinues

Engagement with your Elected Representative:

Please tag your members of Congress and senators and ask them to echo your calls and join you in posting in solidarity. You can look up your representative here: 

Tag our social media accounts: 

Twitter: @sa_council
Facebook: @sacouncil

Sample Social Media Posts:

Standing in solidarity with the brave people of #Suwayda #Syria as they continue the struggle for freedom and justice that began in 2011. Their resilience is inspiring. (1/2)

I call on (tag your members of Congress/Senators), the U.S. government and the international community to support their cause.  #Rise4Suwayda #TheRevolutionContinues (2/2)

The people of #Suwayda are part of the wider Syrian revolution, which started in 2011. Their demands for a brighter future echo the aspirations of Syrians across the country. #Rise4Suwayda #TheRevolutionContinues

For over 6 wks, the people of #Suwayda have been courageously protesting against oppression as part of the ongoing Syrian revolution against the tyranny of #Assad. We must not remain silent; let's stand with them in their pursuit of freedom. #Rise4Suwayda #TheRevolutionContinues

The people of #Syria have not normalized their suffering, and neither should our government. Let's make the Anti-Assad Regime Normalization Act law and show our commitment to supporting the Syrian people in their quest for a brighter future. #Rise4Suwayda #TheRevolutionContinues

The struggle for justice and freedom knows no borders. The people of #Suwayda, Syria, are part of a global movement for change that started in 2011. Let's continue to stand together, united against oppression. #Rise4Suwayda #TheRevolutionContinues

Join us in supporting the people of #Suwayda and all Syrians who are tirelessly working for a better future. Together, we can make a difference and help bring an end to the ongoing suffering in Syria. #Rise4Suwayda #TheRevolutionContinues

Normalizing the suffering of the Syrian people is not an option. We must reject complacency and take a stand against the ongoing oppression. #Rise4Suwayda #TheRevolutionContinues

There can be no normalcy while the people of Syria continue to suffer. Let's send a clear message: the U.S. government will not normalize this situation. Support the bill and stand with those demanding change. #Rise4Suwayda #TheRevolutionContinues

Our commitment to the people of Syria is a commitment to solidarity, not normalization. #Rise4Suwayda #TheRevolutionContinues

The people of Syria have not normalized their suffering, and neither should we. #Rise4Suwayda #TheRevolutionContinues

It's time for Congress to heed the call for justice and freedom. Normalization is not an option when the Syrian people are still struggling. #Rise4Suwayda #TheRevolutionContinues