STOP the Systematic Destruction of Aleppo


STOP the Systematic Destruction of Aleppo and its People!

We prepared and sent out a package to government and media officials to explain and clarify the current situation in Syria.  

However, no movement is as strong as a grassroots movement.  

Please take the action below to amplify our voices and to send a message in unison, LOUD AND CLEAR to our administration.

  1. Click here to send a letter to your representatives. The letter includes the following Aleppo fact sheet stating false claims and their rebuttals.

     2.  Call the White House (202-456-1111) and share the following talking points:

  • Russia has made an intense effort to wipe out the anti-ISIS rebels there. It has even purposely targeted a hospital facility and a Civil Defense headquarters.
  • Now the Obama Administration officials issued statements that seem to agree with the false Russian narrative that Al-Nusra, a faction not included in the ceasefire, is spread throughout Aleppo.
  • The U.S. Administration statements were taken by Russia as providing a "green light" for the next brutal Russian air campaign.
  • Aleppo is being systematically destroyed and its innocent civilians are dying at the hands of Russian and Syrian regime action, and U.S. inaction.
  • It is past time for a no-fly zone and safe zones in Syria to protect civilians from Assad's barrel bombs.

The package included a press release statement demanding the U.S. clarify false statements regarding the region, a letter from SAC’s president Mirna Barq to congress, and a fact sheet outlining the situation in Aleppo. The State Department did release a statement in response to our press release. 

With Our Collective Voices We Can Save Aleppo