The Syrian American Council, the largest and oldest Syrian American grassroots organization, calls for immediate action by the United States government to stop the vicious onslaught by the Assad regime and Hezbollah militias on Zabadani which has been under a brutal assault for the past month.



After besieging the town for two years, the Assad regime and Hezbollah in early July made a strategic decision to conquer Zabadani by initiating a military campaign of sustained bombardment.

According to locals, the town has been hit with more than 1000 barrel bombs, 350 thermobaric bombs, over 150 Zainab rockets, over 100 Elephant rockets, over 200 Abu Taleb rockets, over 1500 grad rockets, over 5000 artillery shells, and hundreds of thousands of bullets since the attacks got underway on July 3rd.  This extraordinary level of ordinance launched against Zabadani has led to the numerous killing and maiming of civilians.  At the same time, at least 15,000 civilians had had to flee their homes. A video clip of the destruction can be viewed at this link.

"The Assad regime and Hezbollah terrorists continue their senseless assault against Syrian civilians by the day as the international community watches from the sidelines" said Mirna Barq, President of the Syrian American Council. "We call on our government to take immediate action to save the people of Zabadani from this horrifying destruction" she added.