Syrian American Council Calls on Syrian Opposition to Abandon Failed Astana Talks

Syrian American Council Calls on Syrian Opposition to Abandon Failed Astana Talks 

Russian-led talks lack credibility and force opposition to validate murder of Syrians

WASHINGTON D.C., DECEMBER 9, 2019 – The Syrian American Council calls on the Syrian opposition to abandon the failed Astana talks, which were created and continue to be led by Russia, one of the main perpetrators in the slaughter of Syrian civilians. The opposition should not be manipulated into giving cover and credence to Assad’s Russian- and Iranian-backed genocide by participating in the Astana talks.

Last month alone, 277 Syrian civilians were killed by the Assad regime and its allies, as they continue to target schools, civilian neighborhoods, hospitals and places of worship, with attacks escalating daily. Under these conditions, the opposition must deny Russia, Assad, and Iran what they want most – authority and eventually a financial reward for their crimes.

“Astana is not a means to peace but a road to death and subjugation,” said Dr. Zaki Lababidi, president of the Syrian American Council. “These talks are not only ineffective, but they have been designed by Russia to give legitimacy to the atrocities committed against the Syrian people. The international community must recognize that Syria has become an international problem requiring a global solution that ultimately holds Russia, Assad, and Iran accountable for their crimes.”

The Syrian American Council continues to call on all parties to end the violence against civilians, guarantee that the rights of all civilians are protected, and to work towards an immediate, peaceful political transition.

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