Tweet at Nancy Pelosi to Allow People of Aleppo a Vote!

Action Alert: Tweet Storm to Allow a Vote on the Caesar Bill
As Assad and Russia's attacks on Syria, and particularly Aleppo, intensify, even as the international community gathers at the United Nations General Assembly, one of the most important messages that the United States can send is to take an unequivocal stance against the individuals perpetrating egregious human rights violations, war crimes, and crimes against humanity in Syria.

The Caesar Bill--an unprecedented piece of legislation that furthers novel human rights sanctions against persons perpetrating human rights violations in Syria--is currently before the House of Representatives. In addition to targeted sanctions that reach beyond the Syrian government, and target Iranian, Russian, and other human rights violators, the bill (HR 5732) also mandates a feasibility study for a no-fly zone, support for the work of those documenting human rights abuses, enhanced monitoring and evaluation of cross-border assistance. 

Last week, we learned that the Democratic leadership (headed by Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi) pulled their support from the bipartisan Caesar Bill after pressure from the White House to salvage a ceasefire that was clearly faltering. 

Accordingly, we are asking you to join us in a Twitterstorm TODAY, September 26, 2016 between 3:00 pm EST and 4:00 pm EST to tweet at Nancy Pelosi, asking that she grant the Caesar Bill a vote this week before Congress goes into recess next week.Please use the hashtag #StandWithCaesarBill in all of your tweets. 

Below, please find a sample set of tweets that you can use. Feel free to write your own tweets using the #StandWithCaesarBill hashtag as well.
Rep @NancyPelosi pulled support from Caesar Bill for a Syria ceasefire that's now failed. Will you reverse that now & #StandWithCaesarBill?
+600 dead across #Syria over last 6 days. Human rights sanctions in Caesar Bill need support now. @NancyPelosi, please #StandWithCaesarBill.
+900 civilians killed, 1800 wounded across Aleppo since the world met Omran Daqneesh. @NancyPelosi will you #StandWithCaesarBill? 
Activists refer to recent Aleppo attacks as "worst 3 days since war began." @NancyPelosi will you #StandWithCaesarBill & allow a vote?
Syria + Russia attacks target hospitals, rescue workers, @SyriaCivilDef. Caesar Bill needs support of @NancyPelosi. #StandWithCaesarBill
+242 Syria ceasefire violations between Sept 12-19 alone. Will you @NancyPelosi #StandWithCaesarBill and allow a vote this week?
+128 attacks on civilian vital facilities in Syria in August 2016 alone. @NancyPelosi will you allow a vote & #StandWithCaesarBill?
No less than 1379 barrel bombs dropped by govt helicopters in Syria in Aug 2016. Will you @NancyPelosi allow a vote & #StandWithCaesarBill?
12 medics and civil defense personnel killed in Syria in Aug 2016 alone. Will you @NancyPelosi allow a vote & #StandWithCaesarBill?
1521 civilians killed in Syria in August 2016 alone. Will you stand against impunity, allow a vote, #StandWithCaesarBill, @NancyPelosi?