Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act





 Action Alert 

Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act (HR 1677)


After years of working on H.R. 1677, the Caesar Syrian Civilian Protection Act, the bill is in its final phases to pass the Senate. H.R. 1677 requires the United States to sanction all who have been responsible for committing war crimes and human rights violations against the Syrian people. Seven years of conflict have left more than half a million Syrians dead, and the perpetrators of such human slaughter must be held accountable.

But one Senator stands in the way. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky has put a hold on the bill to keep it from passing, and to protect Assad. With Syrians still dying daily at the hands of the regime and its allies, passing the bill is of utmost priority to save innocent civilians. Call your senators now and ask that they support the passage of H.R. 1677, the Caesar Syrian Civilian Protection Act. Call on them to support this legislation, and request they ask Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Minority Leader Charles Schumer to have the bill put to a floor vote. Tell your Senators to stand for justice for Syrians by supporting H.R. 1677 and passing the bill before Congress adjourns for the year.  


Take action now. Contact your senators today.