Our Syria Will Not Be Governed by a War Criminal

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 We the undersigned, as Syrians and allies of Syrians, iterate our unequivocal rejection for the pressure being placed on the Syrian opposition to drop their demand that Assad leave power.


More than six years ago, Syrians peacefully took to the streets to demand freedom, social justice, and dignity. They were met with some of the most egregious war crimes and crimes against humanity of our time.


Today, international actors and diplomats are pressuring the Syrian opposition representatives to accept a war criminal who belongs in the Hague to continue ruling over a people who he has slaughtered, disappeared, tortured, bombarded, besieged, starved, and displaced.

The Syrian people and their allies refuse to entertain even the slightest possibility that their dreams for a future involve being governed by a war criminal.

Assad should not be a part of Syria's future!

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