TPS for Syria: Resource Page









The Syrian American Council has been working closely with fellow Syrian-American organizations, as well as a broad and remarkable group of human rights, immigration, advocacy, legal, and faith groups to advocate for the extension and redesignation of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Syria ahead of the administration's expected decision on this life-saving program by the end of January 2018.


Groups across the spectrum have worked tirelessly to produce coalition letters, advocacy reports, legal petitions and more. What follows is an attempt to gather all of these resources in a central location: 


Legal Petitions


Legal Petition & Addendum to DHS submitted by Syrian-American organizations: not made publicly available

Legal Petition to DHS submitted by American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee


Advocacy Report


"No Safety in a Warzone: Why TPS is Needed for Syria" by CLINIC


Congressional Advocacy


Letters to Government Officials


Letter to DHS/State from Syrian-American Organizations and +50 Human Rights, Immigration, Advocacy, and Faith Groups

Letter to DHS/State from American Relief Coalition for Syria and Humanitarian Groups Working on Syria

Letter to DHS from 231 Faith Leaders and 64 Faith-Based Organizations


Grassroots Action and Resources

Sample Script for Congressional Call-In Action & Visual Products by Syrian-American Organizations

#SaveTPS Tweetstorm Social Media Booklet by Syrian Forum USA

Profiles of Syrian TPS-Holders by American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee

Two Pager on TPS for Syria by American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee

Video: Story of Amer by Syrian Community Network

Profiles of Syrian TPS-Holders by Oxfam


Media Coverage

Arab News:"Syrians in the US fear deportation if 'protected status' is removed"

Middle East Eye: "Syrians in US fear Trump may end their 'protected status'"

NPR: "Nearly 7,000 Syrians Are Waiting to See If Their Protected Status Will Be Renewed"

Reuters: "Syrians with temporary U.S. protection brace for Trump decision"

The Gazette: "Syrian student at University of Iowa faces precarious future" 

The Intercept: "Trump Administration Weighs Whether to Extend Protections for Thousands of Syrians"

The National: "6,900 Syrians in the US face risk of deportation if Trump ends protection"

Washington Post Op-Ed by Robert Ford and Wa'el Alzayat: "A plea to President Trump: Don't send Syrians back to Assad"