Virtual Protest on March 28

Join Us Saturday, March 28 at 12- 2 PM EST for a Virtual Protest for Idlib

3.5 Million Civilians at Risk

Today in Idlib, the Assad regime and its Russian allies have waged a brutal military campaign against the 3.5 million civilians in Idlib, Syria, 60% of whom are children who risk death in freezing winter conditions.

The Syrian American Council will be leading a virtual protest on March 28 to call for the establishment and enforcement of a safe zone in Idlib to protect civilians from ground-based and aerial attacks.


Step 1: Invite your friends and family to join you virtually, in their own homes, at 12-2 PM EST on March 28.

Step 2: Print a sign. The Syrian American Council has drawn up suggested options here.

Step 3: From 12-2 PM EST share pictures of yourself in your own homes on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Use the hashtag #safezoneforidlib

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