1,000 Funerals in the City of Flowers

1,000 Funerals in the City of Flowers

Syrian-American community mourns the passing of Yahya Shurbaji, Muhammad Shurbaji, along with countless other peaceful protesters


Our community is in mourning over the many peaceful activists imprisoned, tortured, and killed by the Assad regime and its allies. Throughout last week, Syrians have watched with great sorrow as news has poured in of the deaths of detained Free Syria activists. Sunday night, an even larger list of martyrs was released.

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Syria Policy Forum


American Forum on Syria Policy 2017

You’re invited to attend the first-ever annual American Forum on Syria Policy, a two-day conference to discuss, strategize, and prioritize Syrian American resources for a free and democratic Syria and meet policy makers. 

Thursday & Friday, October 26-27 in Washington, DC 

Congressional Reception: 9:30 am

Conference Start Time 12:00 pm 


JW Marriott Washington, DC

1331 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW | Washington, DC 20004

Register Online

Reserve your room in the Forum’s room block

More details about speakers for the Forum and Gala dinner program will be announced shortly. See full program attached.

For more information about the American Forum on Syria Policy, please contact us at info@syriapolicyforum.org or (857)574-0547.


Kind Wishes, 

Dr. Rim Albezem       Dr. Lina Murad

Forum Co-Chair        Forum Co-Chair 



Srebrenica Genocide: 22 Years Later

On July 12, Shlomo Bolts, SAC’S policy and advocacy officer, served on the panel of the Srebrenica Genocide: 22 Years Later, hosted by the Advisory Council for Bosnia and Herzegovina. Held at Capitol Hill, Shlomo shared the panel with two Srebrenica genocide survivors, Vahidin Zagorica and Elvir Klempic. Shlomo gave powerful remarks on the Srebrenica genocide and its similarities between the Holocaust and current day Syria.

Read Shlomo's full speech below. 

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The Syrian American Council is gravely concerned over the plight of the up to 200,000 civilians still trapped in Raqqah City as U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces close in. While SAC wholeheartedly supports efforts to eradicate ISIS from Syria, we believe that more care should be taken by the Anti-ISIS Coalition to avoid civilian casualties, especially when using highly flammable or explosive weapons such as White Phosphorous. UN investigators have documented at least 300 civilian deaths in Raqqah due to Coalition airstrikes since March.


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A Blessed Easter

At Zaytoun Church is where I long to be today, in my beloved Damascus, Syria — 

I love it not only because it was where my parents were married and where I was baptized but because of all the special moments that took place there. I recall the candles flickering outside the church on Palm Sunday. I remember everyone dressed in their holiday best, walking in a procession as worshipers carried an icon of Jesus and the cross. And most precious are Easter Sunday mornings when my parents gifted decorated eggs and holiday chocolates to our Muslim neighbors and their families. How I long for these days of family, friends, and worship in the town where I grew up.

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No Going Back: Forced Displacement in the Syrian Conflict

February 2017



Urgent Appeal: Help Us Speak Up for Aleppo!

About this Fundraiser

We are thankful everyday for having the opportunity to bring the voices of Syrian Americans to the forefront.  

Now more than ever before those voices matter as the annihalation of our beloved Aleppo continues at the hands of Russian and Syrian regime forces.  

Help us keep the news about Aleppo, and Syria at large, top of mind in the media, in congress, and with the American Public.

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White Helmets: In Aleppo 'every day is worse'

Ammar al-Salmo, manager of the Syria Civil Defense rescue group, tells Christiane Amanpour they are no longer able to reach the wounded in eastern Aleppo.

Watch here.

The interview was facilitated by the Syrian American Council


Syrian Doctor: No Electricity, No Water in Aleppo

Tide of anguished humanity on the move in Aleppo
“Today I came home and I found my home partially destroyed,” Dr. Farida, one of the last obstetrician-gynecologist working in eastern Aleppo, tells Christiane Amanpour as the conditions for civilians continue to deteriorate.

The interview was facilitated by the Syrian American Council

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Little Gandhi's University Tour

Support Little Gandhi’s University Tour on GoFundMe

We began our tour on Saturday November 12th at Harvard University, then on to DePaul University in Chicago on November 18th.  We continued to Houston to cover the University of Houston and Rice University, and now on to Princeton University.  We hope to continue to universities like USC, UCLA, Berkley and Stanford in CA, as well as more schools on the East Coast like Columbia, NYU, and George Washington.

Please donate to help us bring to light the true plight of the Syrian people to the American public